Cruisin’ San Diego

Perfect weather, delicious food, beautiful sunsets and good vibes make San Diego one of my favorite cities! I was lucky to be staying with a friend, Kaelee, who was such an amazing host! Kaelee gave me a key to her apartment, the combination to her bike lock, and quarter’s in case I needed to do laundry. It doesn’t get much better than that.

BYOB, say what?


That night, we biked to Pacific Beach Fish Shop for $1 oysters and BYOB. This place is full of fish tacos, fire pits and good vibes. Kaelee and I popped open a bottle of wine while we waited to order our food. We ordered a variety of oysters from all over the West Coast. Head over to PB Fish Shop on Thursdays for $1 oysters and be sure to grab a bottle of wine on the way!

We ended the night with Trivia Night and cheap beer at  Woodstock Pizza.

Cruisin’ the Beach


I rode Kaelee’s beach cruiser down the bay to Mission Beach. If you can get your hands on a beach cruiser or bike, I highly recommend riding around the boardwalk area. I LOVE how bike friendly the West Coast is.


Cannonball has a rooftop patio that’s perfect for sippin’ on fruity cocktail by the water. The En Fuego roll has crab, avocado, torched seared salmon, spicy aioli, eel sauce and it’s pretty freaking amazing.

San Diego Sunset


I yelped “Best San Diego Sunset Spot” and Sunset Cliff’s came up on top. Many people think Yelp is only for food but I recommend it for finding almost anything!

Water crashed against the cliff’s and different color’s took over the sky. This was by far one of the most beautiful sunset’s I’d ever witnessed. Don’t get too close to the edge, though!

Who needs a car when you have Car2Go?


I saw these cute little Car2Go’s all over the city. This immediate and easy car rental is super convenient and typically cheaper than uber! Kaelee and I used Car2Go at the beginning of the night and it’s a lot roomier than you’d think. (coming from someone who owns a fiat)

FullSizeRender (5).jpg

A few of us started the night off at a whiskey bar called Aeroclub. Talk about a bar that specializes in whiskey… I’d never seen so many bottles in my life. This place is worth a stop if you’re looking for a good old fashioned or manhattan.


After, we headed to North Park. San Diego is known for their various communities, each which have different styles and vibes. I love how the neighborhoods have themed signs that differentiate the area.


For dinner, we went to Underbelly. After a lot of yelping, I decided to order their traditional “Belly of the Beast” ramen and  it was amazing. Underbelly is a great spot for dinner before hitting the bars in North Park.

IMG_4779 (1).JPG


We spent the night playing Yahtzee at Hess Brewery. This craft beer spot is full of fun games and good looking lumbersexuals. You get to know someone quick when you play a game against them!


The nightcap beer was at Toronado in North Park. This big beer garden is great for a chill night with a group of friends. Go on Monday’s and you can try local beer for cheap on $3 pint nights!

Can I just move here already?

We spent Saturday morning exploring the Little Italy Farmer’s market on Cedar Street. I tried about 15 samples, bought postcards from local artists and stocked up on road trip snacks. I love being able to try locally made products and connect with artists from the community, while supporting small businesses. You’ve gotta check out a farmer’s market next time your in San Diego.

Next stop, LA!


LA: Price is Right

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