The Yacht Week Changes You

All of our Amazon prime purchases and over-packing led us to this day. CHRISTMAS. The day before The Yacht Week BVI. We were hours away from boarding our flight to Miami and arriving in the Caribbean. Within seconds of getting off the plane we were greeted by a steel drum band, free Bacardi shots, and painkillers… “Is this real life?”

Throughout the week, we sipped on bushwackers, painkillers, and many other delicious island drinks (with our left hands, of course). If you’ve never had a bushwacker or painkiller, I urge you to panic book a flight to the islands and find one immediately.

pain killers.jpg

First stop was Windward Passage to meet strangers that would quickly turn into family. Armed & Hammered isn’t just a group of badasses, it’s a way of life. We were welcomed to the A&H family, explained the rules and the raging began!
armed and hammered.jpg

Day 1

Finally, it was day one of The Yacht Week. On this day you check in, meet everyone, pick up your provisions, and load up the yacht. Our skipper, Conor, was 22 years old from Ireland and told the crew this was his 32nd Yacht Week. MIND. BLOWN. He was the one responsible for navigating us through the breathtaking British Virgin Islands each day.

That night, we headed to Trellis Bay for Dinner and a party. You had to dinghy from the yacht to shore, take a cab to a bar, then take another dinghy just to get to this place. AKA… Don’t get too intoxicated or you might not make it back. We watched fire dancers, chatted with locals, and made new friends on the dance floor.

Day 2


We headed to Bight Bay to spend the day at Willie T’s. If it weren’t for all those warm Carib’s and fish and chips I would have stayed forever. But just like the passing hands of time go on, it was time for a cat nap. I managed to perform a miracle and jump in the dinghy as it was leaving for the night party at Pirate’s Bight. I somehow left that party with a decorative snowman tied around my neck and a megaphone in my hand. I quickly remembered the importance of moderation and learned not to bring my phone out with me. It was ONLY night two and I had already fallen into the water trying to get back into a dinghy… snowman and all. Rage bruises initiated.

Day 3

We started the day off sailing to Virgin Gorda with 33 other boats. One of our favorite things to do while sailing (other than chug champagne) was sit on the “trampoline” near the front of the boat. The girls and I would scream and giggle like children when waves splashed us. We passed Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island and I was told an MTV Cribs episode was filmed on it. #goalssplash.jpg

Later on, all 34 boats linked up for the legendary circle party. Raft parties were one of the things I saw in pictures as I prepared for TYW and could not wait to experience. Unicorns, Pretzels, Everything Bagels, and Pizza Slices… Who knew there were so many awesome rafts out on the market? I spent the evening hopping from boat to boat meeting fellow yacht-weekers and planning to visit them around the world. The Rage Wedding bachelor and bachelorette parties on this night were… oh wait, what happens in the BVI’s stays in the BVI’s. 😉

raft party.jpg
Photo Cred: @mjmichelin
Day 4

We were welcomed with good music, beautiful views, brunch, and complimentary Bellini’s at at Yacht Club Coast Smeralda (YCCS) in Virgin Gorda. Unfortunately, this is when my sea legs… and hangover were the worst. YCCS is on land but I could have sworn we were still on a boat. Nauzene, Pedialyte, EmergenC, and lots of H20 were essential in bringing me back to life. I recommend newbies pack Nauseua wristbands for back-up. They work.

ICED.jpgIt was Rage Wedding Day for two special people on our boat! Kat and Erik met on the BVI route exactly two years prior and so many people were there to celebrate their next chapter. Friends, like family came together with matching koozies to watch two love birds tie the knot on Cow Wreck Beach. It was so romantic in a “nothing like the real world” way. These two had been icing people left and right all week, so it was perfectly fitting when they were iced at the “altar”.

That same night, our final crew member Prize Hunter made one hell of arrival via a “very reliable Helicopter”. Finally, our boat family was complete. A few of us ended up shutting the dance floor down. We had to… My bestie, Kels turned 27 at midnight. SHOTSKI! We all had so much fun running around the beach that night. Bobbie had this brilliant idea and we may or may not have ended up skinny dipping in the British. Virgin. Islands. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as the starry sky at Cow Wreck Beach. UnFREAKINGbelievable.

Day 5 – NYEfoxys.jpg

Thousands of people travel to Jost Van Dyke for New Year’s Eve each year. We celebrated at Foxy’s, one of the hottest spots in the world. Cruise ships unloaded and thousands of people were making their way to the massive bar. I spent the majority of my night singing and dancing with new and old friends, both on and off stage. Night turned into morning and we watched yet another sunrise before falling asleep.

How will we ever top this New Years?

Day 6…aka The day I missed my shot before 10.

Mermaids and Seaman filled the the beach of White Bay. I discovered bars that I dream of owning one day, Soggy Dollar and Gertrude’ Beach Bar Bungalow. Gertrude, the bartender will hand you liquor bottles and allow you to pour your own drinks… say what!? Could you imagine the madness that would ensue if they allowed that in Houston? Bottom line: no one should be held responsible for their actions that day. I was later told you have to try Gertrude’s Bailey’s Banana Colada. Turns out I’ll be heading back to the islands sooner than anticipated since I missed out on my first visit.

Day 7 

We explored and snorkeled the Bath’s in Spanish Town. We swam to an underwater cave and it felt like a movie! While exiting, I stupidly grabbed coral and had a mini panic moment as I was stuck underwater. I would say that was my only near death experience, however, I feel like we put our lives in danger every time we got in a cab on the islands. They drive like maniacs out there.

That night we headed over to Coco Maya for dinner and the white party. The sushi so was delicious and definitely my favorite/only meal of the week. The DJ, James Park, played an awesome set as Brit and I tore up the dance floor, lasers in hand. It wasn’t until hours later that I realized my lasers didn’t even work and I was just holding up burnt out lights. A&H came together and reminisced the most epic rage memories as yacht week began to come to an end.

white party.jpg

Constantly, I was making unforgettable memories with people I had known for less than a week. This trip really began to put things into perspective for both my friends and me.

People and experiences… that’s what matters most in life. I met amazing human beings from all over the world. From night one to night nine, there were nothing but good vibes with awesome like-minded people. We have one life to live. I’ve got a whole lot of world to see and a whole lot of people to meet.

Until next time,

Lime in my Luggage

Information on The Yacht Week:

Photo Cred: Mike Michelin @mjmichelin & Ross Cockrell @rosscockrell

Check out this awesome video Mark Pallay made from our trip!



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