Marfa & Me


Before leaving Austin, I hit up a local My Fit Foods to grab some meals and snacks for the road. Having healthy alternatives in the car cooler (somewhat) prevented me from binging on hot cheetos and sour patch kids.


I made the 7 hour drive to Marfa and was welcomed by a beautiful sunset. Finally, it was time to glamp. El Cosmico is a super retro/hippie campgrounds with safari tents, yurts, vintage trailers, teepees and tent campsites for rent. I went with a Safari Tent which had plenty of space, hardwood floors, a queen bed and electricity!


It was Monday Movie Night and Edward Scissorhands was playing. I was exhausted but I knew I had to make the best of my first night solo so I ventured out to the clubhouse.



That night, it was about 30 degrees and I was “glamping” alone. Thankfully, my tent had a super comfy bed with a nice heated blanket that kept me warm! Pepper spray in one hand and Geneva’s grandpa’s knife in the other, I fell asleep.


The next morning I was able to shower (outside in the cold) then blow dry my hair in my tent… glamping is pretty awesome. One of my favorite things about El Cosmico were the hammocks everywhere.12745854_10153387859788372_7031323003525801903_n

What to See?

Marfa Lights 

The Marfa Lights - Marfa, TX, United States

Along the open road of Highway 90, you will pass the Marfa Lights Viewing Center. Since 1883, there have been numerous unexplained light sightings in this area. Also known as “ghost lights”, these mysterious and colorful bursts of light along the Mitchell Flat have left many wondering. The controversial argument is that they are just campsite/car lights. Many research groups have studied these lights to figure out the origin but the mystery remains unsolved.

Prada Marfa


Established in 2005, the art installation has a full line of Prada purses and shoes in it, which is all covered by a film of desert sand. The door cannot be opened. Beyonce shed some light on the venue back in 2012 when she posted a picture in front of it.

You’re literally driving 70 mph through a desert then BAM.

Everyone should add Marfa to their Texas bucket list. Only 90 minutes north of Big Bend National Park, you could fit in both West Texas stops if you had a couple of days!

Stay tuned for my next post on the road to California, including stops in El Paso and Scottsdale!


Do you know of any awesome glamping spots?
Comment below!


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